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Name :   Maharaja Jassa Singh Ji Ramgarhia
Father's Name :   Sardar Bhagwan Singh Bhambhra
Gotra :   Bhambhra
Date of Birth :   1723 A.D.
Date of Jyoti Jot :   1803 A.D.
Place of Birth :   Icho Gill, East Of Lahore

Every Ramgarhia feels to be proud when he or she hears or read the name of Maharaja Jassa Singh Ji Ramgarhia , Which indicates that Maharaja Jassa Singh must have been an important person in Sikh history. In one sentence it can be said that He was the founder of Sikh Missal which was the most powerful and by size the largest of all the Twelve Sikh Missals.

Maharaja Jassa Singh was the oldest son of Sardar Bhagwan Singh Bhambhra, born in 1723, 16 years after Guru Gobind Singh has left heavenly abode in Nander in the province of Maharashtra. At the age of 17 he was posted as a commander of the army by Zakaria khan (Ruler Of Punjab). After serving Zakaria Khan, he joined Sardar Nand Singh's army called the Dal Khalsa and was distinguished as having special qualities of soldier.

By the year 1774 Maharaja Jassa Singh Ji Ramgarhia was the most powerful Sikh Maharaja in Punjab. His kingdom was by far the biggest and most powerful than any other Sikh Sardar's. His kingdom stretched from deacons of Doaba to the footsteps of the Himalayas stretching over an area of thousands of miles.

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