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Terms & Conditions

Ramgarhia Matrimonial Terms and conditions Covenants and stipulations (Governing membership)

All subject to revision , modification , amendment , alteration , addition , subtraction and deletion by Ramgarhia Matrimonial from time as per contingency and requirement to conform with prevailing Rules and regulations of Local Statutory Bodies and state and Central Government Laws Without any advance previous notice and shall be applicable and binding to all members and for all paid and free services of Ramgarhia Matrimonial.

Dear Prospective Member:-

We heartily welcome you and cordially invite you to join Ramgarhia Matrimonial. However before you decide to become a member of Ramgarhia Matrimonial, let us introduce you to our website and terms and conditions , covenants and stipulations to be strictly observed by you while you remain our valued member .


We have launched Ramgarhia Matrimonial with a view to bring together prospective brides and grooms to assist them in choosing their life partner to lead blissfully their happy matrimonial life . Today world has become very narrow with advent of electronic infrastructure . However , highly educated men and women trotting the world ever in pursuance of their job and profession , hardly have time to keep in touch with their caste and community and or attend communal social functions , if any organized which used to be in vogue in past and used to be event for eligible unmarried men and women to come in contact with each other . Nowadays inter-caste, inter-state and international marriages have become very common. However , Ramgarhia Matrimonial will try to widen their scope for selection of a life - partner amongst Indians .


before registering and becoming a member with Ramgarhia Matrimonial, a prospective member is hereby warned and cautioned to take pre notice of terms and conditions , covenants and stipulations governing membership of Ramgarhia Matrimonial and should persue carefully terms and conditions , covenants and stipulations set by Ramgarhia Matrimonial and should agree , consent and undertake that he / she / they have explicitly and fully understood the terms and conditions , covenants and stipulations for becoming and registering as a member with Ramgarhia Matrimonial and is / are bound by them .


For registering and becoming a member with Ramgarhia Matrimonial he / she. *should be capable of entering into a contract and should not be incapacited by any State of Central Law in force for the time being.


While we cordially and heartily welcome any eligible person to join Ramgarhia Matrimonial, it is hereby explicitly stipulated that any services that may be provided and / or extended to registered members by paanditji.com and / or its affiliates and / or associates will be governed by terms and conditions , covenants and stipulations set hereinafter . Therefore , every prospective intending - to-be member who is desirous of joining Ramgarhia Matrimonial and / or any of its affiliates and / or associates is hereby advised , warned and cautioned to read very carefully , persue and understand these terms and conditions , covenants and stipulations .


Ramgarhia Matrimonial is an online matrimonial portal which endeavors at all times with all means at its disposal to protect the privacy of its members and confidentiality of their data by all means at its disposal . However , in to days fast growing electronic world and invention of new gadgets , it is not possible for Ramgarhia Matrimonial and its network to have control over search engines and hackers . you are therefore requested to review our privacy Notice which also governs your membership and visit to Ramgarhia Matrimoni also as to acquaint yourself with practices and privacy confidentiality policy of Ramgarhia Matrimonial. The members hereby fully understand , agree , consent , and undertake that his / her / their profile(s) may be crawled and indexed by search engines and their data may be hacked by hackers and their privacy and confidentiality may be violated which is beyond control of Ramgarhia Matrimonial and its network for which members would have no redressal against Ramgarhia Matrimonialand / or its network and / or affiliates and / or associates .

(a) regard to any personal and private information that we may gather from you .

(b) Ramgarhia Matrimonial assures that a secured server is established that any credit card transanctions that may be done by members of Ramgarhia Matrimonial may be kept confidential and no credit card information may be available to unauthorized persons and cookies are used to store the login information .


Ramgarhia Matrimonial may change , amend , rectify , modify , this Privacy- confidentiality policy from time to time pursuant to requirement or contingency or based on comments , suggestions , advise of valued members of Ramgarhia Matrimonial or consequent upon change in policy matter of Ramgarhia Matrimonial.


Any person intending to be a member of Ramgarhia Matrimonial and applies for any one or more of services offered and provide by Ramgarhia Matrimonial at its site will have to provide but not only confined to e-mail address , first name , last name , a member- specified password , mailing address , zip code and telephone number , cell-phone number , fax number and other pertinent details .

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